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Post a discussion here if you have general questions regarding configuration and troubleshooting for Palo Alto Networks products. Use this forum to collaborate with like-minded security professionals to improve your security posture.
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The Cortex UX Research Lab Is Seeking Participants!


Hello LIVEcommunity!



The Cortex team is currently developing a significant UX research effort, the Cortex UX Research Lab, for all aspects of Cortex. As a part of that, we need you — the user — to help us best understand how people use our pro


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JayGolf by Community Team Member
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AWS Palo Alto and Configuring Interfaces

I'm new to AWS, but not new to Palo Alto. We are at the initial phases of building out our AWS environment. I'm getting familiar with AWS but not an expert by any means. I thought I'd start with a trial version of Palo Alto for AWS. At any rate, I've


Resolved! User Activity Report for Managers

Management has asked for a weekly summary of department web activity on our new PA-500.


I created a User Activity Report for each department but these reports are not conscise and difficult to read, especially for managers who would like a summary.


ESM service account rights

When I try to install the ESM core and console with a service account that does have the logon as a service rights but not administrator rights, I keep running into issues. As I don't like to grant full admin rights to a service account on a box I'd


Resolved! Trusted Root CA Not Installed on Client?

This is on a PA-3020 running PAN-OS 7.0.4.


I've always manually chained certificates when installed an SSL certificate for Global Protect.  I decided to see if I could install the SSL certificate and the Intermediate certificates separately and see


Resolved! Firewalls accessing Panorama: best practice



I'm looking for a best practice when deploying Panorama accross multiple sites that do not really have any interconnections (and have quite a few overlapping subnets).

From what I understand, the firewalls themselves initiate the connection tow


Arne-VDH by L3 Networker
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