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Post a discussion here if you have general questions regarding configuration and troubleshooting for Palo Alto Networks products. Use this forum to collaborate with like-minded security professionals to improve your security posture.
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The Cortex UX Research Lab Is Seeking Participants!


Hello LIVEcommunity!



The Cortex team is currently developing a significant UX research effort, the Cortex UX Research Lab, for all aspects of Cortex. As a part of that, we need you — the user — to help us best understand how people use our pro


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JayGolf by Community Team Member
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Resolved! IPSEC Tunnel to ASA - PeerID issues

I am setting up an IPSec tunnel to an ASA. I am getting an error message about the PEERID type only allowing IP but received FQDN. Per the other KB article, I changed the PAN Exchange mode to Aggressive.

Now the PAN received a FQDN of the ASA side an


SDorsey by L4 Transporter
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GlobalProtect client behind a proxy, configuration help

I am trying to establish an ssl vpn connection using the globalprotect client, but the client is behind a proxy using a configuration script.  I have tried calling paloalto support but they said their client is not proxy aware.  Does anyone know of s


bigtone by L1 Bithead
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Palo Alto BGP: Conditional Advertising

Dear All,

Recently we have been migrating to a non-trivial BGP setup, and I have had to experiment with the conditional advertising BGP feature in Palo Alto. I was familiar with this concept from cisco, but alas I still found the documentation availab


Shutting down/disabling subinterfaces

I am very new to the PANOS world so I will apologize in advance if this is obvious, however my search of documentation and knowledebase did not yield anything. I have been looking for a way to administratively shut down sub interfaces. Is this possib


scourge by Not applicable
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Resolved! Aggregate Ethernet Interface with Subinterfaces

Hi there,

I'd like to set up a PA-5060 with an aggregate Layer 3 ethernet interface with no address:

Aggregate Interface

Name: ae1

Type: Layer 3

Address: (none)

Virtual Router: (none)

Tag: (none)

Security Zone: (none)

and then add subinterfaces to it, each of