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This article is based on a discussion, Warning certificate chain not correctly formed in certificate, posted by @Nick.SpenderRead on to see the discussion and solution!


Hello All


I have imported a certificate into the PA as a PFX. I have also import the intermediate certs and root CA. The cert is signed by Go Daddy with 2 intermediate certs and a Root CA.


All imports fine, but when I get up global protect portal and use the imported cert (from the pfx) I get an error which says "Warning certificate chain not correctly formed in certificate"


Thanks everyone 🙂








Hello, I seemed to have fixxed, using a different method. So I have the cert import into my windows machine with the private keys. I then exported the certs as a *.p7b and selected include all certs in the chain. Sure enough in windows the order is wrong. Whether i'm reading into that or not is a different question. 


I then imported my pfx cert back into the PA. Then exported it as a PEM with the private keys. I copied the private keys into a text file and saved it. i then remove all certs apart from my domain cert. 


I then removed all certs from the PA, I then imported the cert back into the PA as a PEM and selected the "key File".


Then imported each of the Intermediate CAs (2) as .cer


No errors when committing, globalProtect portal webpage shows secure and green in the url bar. Global Protect connects fine with no errors.


Dose the above sound OK to you?


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@JayGolf Thank you 

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