EDL Hosting Service: Availability and Security of Feeds

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Availability of the Service:
EDL Hosting Service is a cloud native service with the feeds being hosted on a cloud based CDN for widespread availability. 
Availability status or updates to the “EDL Hosting Service” are posted on status.paloaltonetworks.com. Customers can subscribe for update notifications.


The EDL Hosting service is hosted in secure public cloud infrastructure and ensures that there is no external access possible to the service itself. The publicly available feeds are hosted on a cloud based CDN - there is no proprietary information carried in these feeds, and we ensure that these feeds cannot be compromised by external entities. 


We recommend users to leverage server authentication support within PAN-OS to ensure the feeds are sourced from the authenticated service.


To ensure the sanity of the feeds itself we have some extra checks implemented:

  • Any anomalies detected from the source data triggers a manual approval process wherein the change gets validated and approved before being propagated to the feeds. This will ensure there is no accidental (or intentional) adulteration of the feeds.
  • We have mechanisms in place to allow for a quick reversal in case of any identified issue with updated feeds.
  • Any known bugs will be promptly resolved with no extra action needed of the users.
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