Prisma Access Insights 2.2: New Key Features

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The new Prisma Access Insights release enables users to proactively monitor the health and usage of Explicit Proxy with details such as the real time status of Prisma Access locations, number of users connected, and modes of connections along with the numerous locations the users connect to Prisma Access via Explicit proxy.
Along with Explicit Proxy support 2.2 also launches Localisation support for German, Japanese and French.

Other key features that are now a part of Prisma Access Insights are:

  • Custom Time Range that enables users to specifically drill down to a time range across all the widgets so users can narrow down to the exact time period instead of relying on relative time filters.
  • SPN node utilizationto assess the node utilization for aggregate bandwidth use cases to visualize the cumulative peak bandwidth of all the sites that terminate on the SPN node so users can assess the peaks and plan for efficient capacity planning  
  •  GlobalProtect version distributionprovides users insights into the adoption of the different Globalprotect versions across the devices used to connect to Prisma Access




Learn more in the TDM attached.

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