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Problems users with Windows 10 and User ID agent

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I need your help with the following scene:
I have some machines with Windows 10 Operative System and I have detected a problem with the PA Firewall. The Firewall is not detecting the user (UIA), so the policy rules are denying the access.

Panos firewall: 7.1.4
User Id Agent version: 7.0.4-5

I have machines with Windows 7 SO and I don't have any navigation problem.

According to release information of 7.0.7-13 or earlier (User-ID Agent), the Windows 10 OS is not compatible. And the Release information of 8.0.0-42 does not specify whether W10 is supported or not.

Could anyone help me? Does anyone know if 8.0.0-42 User ID Agent or other version is compatible?


Thanks and regards,


Who Me Too'd this topic