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Panorama not pushing network template changes to devices

L1 Bithead



I am very new to Palo Alto FWS so please be gentle 🙂 


I have been asked to setup two new PA3060 firewalls to be centrally managed by a Panorama server.  Both the Panorama and Firewalls are running v8.0.5.


I have successfully followed the PA instructions to import the firewalls and configs into the Panorama.


However, if I create say a new interface, new sub-interface or new static routes into the virtual router, I commit the changes to the Panorama an then attempt a push to device.


The Commit shows as Completed, however when I access the device GUI, the new interfaces and static routes are not populated in the config of the device.


Any and all help is appreciated.


Thanks & Regards



Who Me Too'd this topic