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Panorama XML API not exporting resolved Hostnames

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I am having difficulty exporting complete data using the XML API. I am scheduling and exporting saved reports using the REST API.  The results XML docuemnt is fully formed but the resolved-src field contains the IP address instead of the hostname. When viewing the results in the GUI and exporting to csv the hostname is present.


The following is the top of the returned XML:

<response status="success"><result>
<report name="report name here" logtype="urlsum" start="2017/10/01 00:00:00" start-epoch="1506830400" end="2017/10/31 23:59:59" end-epoch="1509508799" generated-at="2017/11/29 13:25:21" generated-at-epoch="1511979921" axis="src" range="Sunday, October 01, 2017">


Please note the FIN Status and the 100 percent, indicating that the report was finished running. Is there a setting in the XML API configuration that could be missing that is causing this problem?


Thanks in advance for reading.

Who Me Too'd this topic