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Can't create DNS Proxy using Panorama

L3 Networker


When try to configure DNS Proxy with panorama after commit we get next message error:

dns-proxy -> xxxxx-> server-profile 'yyyyy' is not a valid reference
dns-proxy -> LAN_speedup -> server-profile is invalid


xxxxx ->dns proxy configured

yyyyy ->server dns profile created



The DNS server profile was added as a feature primarily for the config of DNS proxy under Virtual Systems configuration. Hence this is virtual system specific setting which is what we currently have designed it for.

the recommendation is to choose the location as Shared for now to ensure commits work properly.


If your device don't  support Multi Vsys,  you try next workaround:

- Disable multi vsys in panorama
- Now, create a DNS proxy object or a different template with DNS proxy object so that it could be used for those firewalls which does not have multi vsys or not enabled it
- Now, turn on the multi vsys feature on Panorama
-  (if you have other fw which support multi vsys) Create new DNS proxy object or new template with DNS proxy object so that it can be used to push to the firewalls having multi vsys environment.

Who Me Too'd this topic