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Strangeness with EDL - for Office 365



I have minemeld mining O365 address for my PA's.  Moved to the new API as well.


I have a hybrid Exchange setup.

I have moved some mailboxes up to the cloud

What I have found recently is mail stops flowing 


I have a rule that basically say


MS Public IPv4 to my beachhead port 25 smtp


O365 attempts to talk to me and gets blocked.

I check the src address and its in the EDL range.

If I clone the rule and place it below it and then commit and push (from panorama) 

once the push has finished it starts to work . same src ip and it matches the original policy.


almost like there is a TTL on the edl ip addresses 


Now I have the EDL set to refresh at 6am.  guessing I can change that to every hour ?


Any one else had issues





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