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Output format for test/url-info-cloud and test/url-info-host

L1 Bithead

So I had a crazy idea and started poking around at the XML API on my firewall.  I wanted to see if there was a generally efficient way to automate a query against PAN-DB.  Seems straightforward enought; either test/url-info-cloud or test/url-info-host (depending on whether I want to check the MP cache or against the cloud... though I'm not sure if there are limitations for the latter, such as what WildFire's API has).  I realize there's a public web interface for this check, but that's not what I'm looking for.  I'm trying to automate a process.


What I'm not sure about is the formatting of the response/output.  For example, submitting the following against url-info-cloud for returns an interesting response:


<response cmd="status" status="success"><result>BM:,9,5,search-engines

(I've limited the output intentionally... not sure about how sensitive PA is to this)


And querying the same against url-info-host:


<response cmd="status" status="success"><result>Ancestors info:


Descendants info:,1,5,financial-services,,


I'm expecting some differences between url-info-cloud and url-info-host due to PAN-DB's design, but I'm not sure what the all of the output means, other than the obvious stuff.  Strings like "BM:" and ",9,5," in url-info-cloud don't appear to have any corresponding documentation to explain their meaning.  The same goes for "Anscestors info:", "Decendants info:", ",1,5,", and the ",," at the end of the individual result.


When parsing out this response, should these strings and values mean something?

Who Me Too'd this topic