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Reg Case _reg 01075000

Hi Team , 


I have a problem with connecting paloalto with minemeld via EDL, i have installed the minemeld according to documentation and the certificate with the feed user. The result is the next: 

2019-02-06 12:03:42.234 -0500 EDLRefresh job started processing. Dequeue time=2019/02/06 12:03:42 2019-02-06 12:03:43.353 -0500 client authd reported op command was SUCCESSFUL 
2019-02-06 12:04:12.149 -0500 Error: ebl_verify_fetched_copy(pan_cfg_ebl.c:2346): EDL entry(0x21a1000, 0x65a8000, 0x1de7db00 vsys1/Prueba, 0, 1 ip) Old refreshed file type is either not a text file or empty file or no old file exist. 
2019-02-06 12:04:12.150 -0500 Error: pan_ebl_system_ebl_show_handler(pan_cfg_ebl.c:7791): EDL external dynamic list file either empty or not found 

So i cannot get the ip list. This is from office365 feed. 




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