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PPPoE Support on a Subinterface (VDSL VLAN Tagging)

L1 Bithead

here there,


little question: any known plan's to support PPPoE on a subinterface?



since fiber to the building (FTTB) isn't something usual over here, we are stuck with xDSL (FTTC) for the years to come.


and this is where we have a problem with our pa2x0 installations right now, because pan-os doesn't support PPPoE on a subinterface (a common thing with VDSL).

right now there are 4 possible solutions for this missing feature (as far as i know)


1) waste a few interfaces (

2) let a switch do the tagging (kinda like 1)

3) get a xdsl modem that is able to do the tagging

4) get a router that does all the internet connection stuff (downside: public ip is on the routers side and one more nat router-> pa)


all those workarounds are kinda meeee... with 3 being the most common one, but this also includes the need to configure the vlan tag on the modems side (different vlan tags depending on the isp)


thanks in advance,


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