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Setting up an IPSEC VPN Tunnel on AWS.. Connects but no traffic..

L2 Linker

Hello everyone. I am having an issue setting up a VPN from my Palo to my AWS Palo and was hoping someone can help. I did look at other AWS VPN issue but all i saw was issues with aws. This is something else. I have the tunnel up and established but traffic is not working. I see traffic leaving my palo over the correct tunnel interface but it gets lost somewhere along the way. Since I cannot see the encrypted tunnel traffic I have no clue if the aws palo is getting it. 


I followed the Palo alto instructions for doing this which isnt much different than setting up a normal ipsec tunnel. The palo guide says to use NAT Traveral option in the IKE gateway which I have tried with no luck. By all rights it should be wotking. Any suggestions?

Who Me Too'd this topic