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Customer Experience (CX) Day on LIVEcommunity

October 1st is Customer Experience (CX) Day, and Palo Alto Networks is celebrating you, our customer! Join us in this celebration.


Tells us:  

- What great customer experience means to you. 


- About a LIVEcommunity member or Palo Alto Networks employee you think delivers fantastic customer experience! 


Use the hashtag #CXDAY2019 with your post, and you will be entered to win exclusive CX Day prizes!

CX-Day 2019 LIVEcommunity (1).png


If you want to comment and be entered for any prizes, please visit Gina Hancher's blog, and comment there:

Customer Experience (CX) Day on LIVEcommunity 

Tom Piens - PANgurus.com
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