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Troubleshooting random GlobalProtect disconnects...

L2 Linker

Hello. i have been experiencing random GlobalProtect disconnects on my home computer.  I'm running Windows 10 [1909] with GlobalProtect 5.0.8 64-bit connecting back to my office's Palo Alto firewall (not 100% sure of the version). A few times a day, GlobalProtect will just disconnect on its own. I am typically running a Remote Desktop Connection from my home PC to my work PC when this happens and the RD session will freeze and disconnect as well.  I started collecting logs when this happens but dont really know how to parse them.  I have noticed a few things in various logs.   

  • In the  pan_gp_event log, i see an Info message "Tunnel is down due to network change."
  • In the PanGPA log, i see the Info message "Window session changed with state 7", followed by several Debug log entries.
    • Debug(2825): user session locked.
    • Debug( 669): balltip, m_hipMsg=00000171893379A0
    • Debug( 672): balltip, getcount return 0
    • Debug( 766): CAC, type is 8004, data=0000006C7E4FF7C0
    • Debug( 810): CAC, DBT_DEVICEREMOVECOMPLETE, device type=00000005, cacUnplugLogout=0
    • Debug( 851): CAC, do nothing for device remove message
    • (NOTE: Those last three repeat a dozen or so times).
    • Debug( 93): Received data from Pan Service
    • Debug( 172): username field is not empty. not override the username.
    • Debug( 193): CPanBaseReceiver::HandleStatus - found discover-ready tag. value = y.
    • Then i get a message that says "Gateway <portal address>: Checking network availability and restoring VPN connection when network is available.
    • Then some messages about trying to restore the connection
  • In the PanGPS log i see a Debug message "Received session change, event type 7, session 1" followed by and Info message "lock off  session 1"

How would you recommend troubleshooting these disconnects.  I'm not familiar enough with the firewall side of things to know how to look at any logging on that side.  Is the issue with my home computer/OS/hardware/network?  or is it likely something in GlobalProtect and/or Palo Alto that needs attention?


Thank You!

Who Me Too'd this topic