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GlobalProtect 5.2.4 disconnects when unlocking screen

L1 Bithead

Seeing some interesting behavior with GP 5.2.4. On Windows 10 1909, GP disconnects when locking then unlocking the desktop.
To reproduce:

- Connect to your gateway then lock the desktop. Leave the desktop locked for a minute or two.
- While locked, the device maintains an active tunnel. This is confirmed by pinging the assigned tunnel address and “show global-protect-gateway current-user | match ‘ip’”

- Unlock the desktop.


The tunnel drops and GP completely disconnects the moment the desktop is unlocked. This behavior is not seen in <= 5.2.3, nor is it seen on macOS.  I’ll also note, the device is not sleeping or hibernating — I am simply locking the screen.  The laptop is still connected with an active tunnel right up until the device is unlocked.


Give it a try. Let me/us know if it can be reproduced.

Who Me Too'd this topic