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Teardrop Packet Buffer Overflow - SCCM TFTP

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On our PA-5220 we hade 3 instances when our Packet Buffer Protection has been crippled by traffic from an SCCM server to a host.
Protocol TFTP UDP,  when VM's gone threw PXE boot and on file transfers from SCCM.

Symptoms are that latency goes upp well above 800ms crippling the network and 'show running resource-monitor ingress-backlogs' is working above 50% and seen stuck on 100%.

output from resource-monitor last 7 days ( PA-5220 was patched to 9.0.10 from 9.0.9 20 days ago so isn't a issue related to any specific version).


Has anyone seen this before were Palo has registrered TFPT traffic from an SCCM server as DDOS?
If i compare the latency warnings in OP5 across our environment they match the timestamps perfectly.





I've tried spinning upp 2 new Vm's, one that boots to the SCCM server in above images (HOST A) and one that boots to another SCCM server in the MPLS (HOST B) to verify.
Besides the one booting to HOST B taking much longer because of latency there was nothing registered and no disturbance in the environment so i cant seem to replicate the issue either..

Who Me Too'd this topic