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GP 5.2.5 disconnects in connected standby

L2 Linker

We recently upgraded our clients to 5.2.5 and since then we have had numerous reports (and I have experienced it myself) of disconnects occurring as soon as the comouter goes into modern standby/connected standby.


We have the computers setup to Never drop internet (windows 10 setting) when the computer enters sleep.  Yet we see this occurring often.


On multiple types of network connection media too.  Meaning over wifi, usb dongle, hardwired etc.  


Another noticeable issue when this occurs is the PANGP VIRTUAL ETHERNET ADAPTER is disabled when the computer wakes and the pangpa.exe is throwing an error saying could not connect.  In these cases users give up and restart.  However i have noticed that simply waiting longer allows the pangp service to reconnect.


Basically, none of this should be happening because we have the computers setup to not drop network during modern standby... but sometimes it does anyway.


Looking for advice or tips.

Who Me Too'd this topic