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Home Lab Setup - PA VM + Windows 10 (Vmware)

L2 Linker

Hi guys, I have a beginner's question I'd like to ask.


I want to set up my own home lab on VMware workstation 16 and something doesn't add up.


First, my simple network topology is the following:

  • My home network is on a 192.168.1.X network (default gateway .
  • I have a PA-VM 10.1 with a management ip of (default gateway with 2 interfaces configured: eth1/1 for the Outside zone with IP and an Inside Zone on eth1/2 with IP
  • I also set up a Windows 10 machine in Workstation for testing purpouses, I set the static IP to , netmask , default gateway is the eth1/2 (i.e , DNS is
  • I configured a NAT policy from the inside zone to the outside zone and also configured a default route for the default VR.
  • Also configured a security policy from Inside to Outside and Outside to Inside in order to access the internet
  • Configured Mgmt profiles to enable ping for both interfaces.

Background information: I saw somewhere that I should go to Virtual Network Editor and add a Vmnet with DHCP disabled with a IP so it could be assigned to an additional interface for the PA VM and for the Windows 10 Network Driver.

So I created a VMnet3 with DHCP off and IP and assigned it to the third Network Adapter (eth1/2) for PA VM and also for the Network Adapter of the Windows 10 machine.


All the above were completed, and still, I can't ping anything from my Windows 10 machine (not the interface, nor the internet). The Windows 10 machine is not visible on any traffic logs, and I'm pretty sure it's not reaching the network for some reason. I'm sure I'm missing something still, I just don't know what exactly.



Who Me Too'd this topic