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Cyber Elite


I understand your freustration but we are here to help/assist! So what these updates use is what is known as service routes. By default, they are configured to user the MGMT interface tosend out and get these updates. I'm guessing the MGMT interface is setup on the network? Now make sure the service routes are set to use the MGMT interface,

Device->Setup->Services-> service route configuration. Here it will most likely be set to use Management Interface for all (this is  good).

Now assuming you can browse the internet from behind the PAN, make sure there is a policy to allow traffic from the MGMT interface out to the internet and make sure its not being decrypted or scanned. Also always set the logging to be at session end. This will make sure that the traffic will show up in the logs.


I know this is a lot to take in, however we are here to help with any and all questions you might have.


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