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Hi @Shahwaz_Md ,


Agent does not reflect primarily because of the network connectivity and there is a lot of certainty that one or more than one network element(firewalls, authentication proxy, etc.) is blocking the connection. Inorder to validate it, you can try couple of things:

  1. Open cmd as administrator, 
  2. cd C:\Program files\Palo Alto Networks\Traps\       ///( for windows endpoints)
  3. cytool connectivity_test, add uninstall password <possibly "Password1" or anything that you have set>
  4. Observe the output. It should come up something like the screenshot below:


Second option is do a traceroute to any of the IPs listed in the URL, depending upon your region. (Eg. EU) and then if there is an RTO output, you would know the issue. 


If you need additional guidance, please retrieve the TSF from the agent of the affected endpoint and open a support case for analysis




Who rated this post