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Resolved! Some services dont appear in API Request

I've downloading the different services that I've configured into my firewall but for example service-https doesnt appear in the file but yes in the firewall The request that I made is the following. curl -o filename 'https://mifirewall/api/?type=con...

unauth only on some configuration

I am new to the palo world and this is my first post here :) But I am automating the azure palo vm and facing issues I cannot resolve. I have a set of configs where some will respond back with unauth while others are successful. Even stranger I can u...

Paramiko with PaloAlto

Hi There, I am very new to Python scripting and have started to learn through my lab PaloAlto Firewall.I wrote a basic script to just return me the output of an operational command. This script works on my lab SRX but hangs on the PaloAlto. The code ...

Mohit by L0 Member
  • 2 replies

RegEx - Pattern Match

Hello everyone. I would like to build a pattern that matches with the following expresionXXXXXXXXX-X All Xs are numbers. In other words, nine number followed by dash, followed by other number. Thanks

DNT_FLAR by L0 Member
  • 1 replies

Resolved! XML API config action 'set'

Okay, I still can't figure this guy out. All the other commands work perfectly fine but as soon as I try to 'set' a new rule I get an error saying that it's malformed. I've looked through all of the documentation that I can find but nothing will get ...

BPry by Cyber Elite
  • 2 replies

Need script to kill a session

I need to kill a session automatically for one appplication when this application appears on one egress interface.We have PBF rule for forcing some application to one ISP and virtual router for other ISP.once the PBF ISP is down, it goes to second IS...

Resolved! Create Securit policy with API

Okay so below is what I've been attempting to use for the creation of policies automatically though the API; however when I run it I simply get a Success output and the rule never actually completes. Can anybody tell me where this is missformated? /a...

BPry by Cyber Elite
  • 2 replies

pan.xapi no response

Why am I not getting response when using pan.xapi vs from python interpretor: api_sess = pan.xapi.PanXapi(hostname="",api_username="myusername", api_password="mypassword",api_key='mykey') = "/config/device...

bdugger by L1 Bithead
  • 2 replies
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