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Panorama deployment in Ansible


Im working with a customer using PANW/NSX that wants to automate Panorama/firewall deployment with ansible.


So far I have found a few stumbling blocks:

  1. The ESXi OVA file defines the VM with 4vCPUs and 8GB RAM. This wont work for Panorama mode, only

OysteinK by L3 Networker
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License Firewall ESXi VM before bootstrapping

We are trying to do automated deployment of multiple VM firewalls, managed by Panorama and using bootstrapping for the initial setup. All appliances will be hosted on ESXi server.  


The problem we have is how to license the VM firewalls before bootst


BatD by L4 Transporter
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IpsecTunnel api refresh

im trying to get a list of ipsec tunnels from each template stack i have. but anytime i attempt to use the class i receive an error that pandevice doesnt have an attribute network....  according to the documentation here


Policy Optimizer API calls

I am trying to create a report and automate disabling rules that have not been used in the last 30 days.  

the report will run the 1 st of every month. 


So I am looking for API calls for the  Policy Optimizer "unused in 30 days"

or the CLI commands so


Resolved! How to automate rules with App-ID

How can you automate firewall rule creation when App-ID is used? This seems easy enough on a port-based firewall, but I have yet to see anything addressing APP-ID. A typcial flow could look like this:

user submits firewall request form

appropriate appr


Resolved! Create Post-Security-Rule - RestAPI

I have Panorama managing my firewalls. I would like to leverage Postman to make API POSTS to Panorama for new security policies. 


Can someone provide an example of a filled-out body with bogus data to show me how the API wants it?


I'm particularily g


QoS Monitoring (for PRTG Network Monitor)

Hi all,


Because there are no useful methods to monitor the configured QoS values (at least til 7.0.3, I don't know if there will be a monitoring of QoS in the future), I have written a little script in powershell which gets all the required values



Resolved! API commits no longer working

Has anyone encountered this problem?  I have noticed since upgrading Panorama to 8.1.7 that two of my API commits no longer work: log collector and forced template stack.  I get the following message from Panorama:

<response status="success" code="19"


Resolved! can't disable IPSec tunnel over API

I've taken the instructions to extract the XML command from the debug console.


<request cmd="edit" obj="/config/devices/entry[@name='localhost.localdomain']/network/tunnel/ipsec/entry[@name='my-ipsec-tunnel']/disabled" cookie="7684494492332192">  <di...

rone by L0 Member
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