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RegEx values for DLP

I’m wondering if there is a way to test for a 7 digit number that starts with a 4. Here is an example of a regex I know works, but will not work in the Palo 4[0-9]{6} and an example number 4123456. I have various other regex values I’m trying to test...

API to run user activity report

I need to generate a UAR for multiple users and wish to automate it. I can script the creation of report, and I can use the API to schedule the report: https://(firewallname)/api/?type=op&cmd=tdc\palo alto networks test reporting&key=(key) This comes...

Wildfire Get Sample API no longer working

Some time in the past I used to be able to retreived WF submitted samples using the REST API's get/sample. I am no longer able to do this and I do not see any type of response to indicate what error occurred. I am able to submit samples, get verdicts...

lcastro by L0 Member
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Using API to reset IPSEC tunnel

I have a need to automate issuing test and clear commands to IPSEC vpn tunnels and gateways. This seems very straight forward using panxapi or curl. The concern I have is that there does not seem to be any checking that the tunnel exists. When you is...