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Add sub-interface REST API question

Trying to add sub-interface to aggregated one via REST-API on 9.1 and realized that I can't even see them using GET method:

curl -k -X GET 'https://MyFW/restapi/v9.1/Network/EthernetInterfaces' -H 'X-PAN-KEY'

gives me only physical interfaces and does


Need Help For Using XML API with Ansible

Hi Everyone, need helping hand in my scenario I am calling xml api from ansible to generate the custom report to get top 10 src users consuming high bandwidth in my network and then I want to save only top src user in some variable and want to call t


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Offline Content Downloader

We have a pair of Palo Alto's in a closed network with no access to the internet. We do not have Panaroma and at the moment the only way to get dynamic updates installed on to the units is by manually downloading from the website and impexing into th


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