BPA Release Notes v5.10.1

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BPA Release Notes v5.10.1



Unexpected Error when Uploading Tech Support File

Addressed an error that occasionally occurs when uploading a Tech Support File to the Customer Support Portal and Customer Success Portal, preventing the completion of the BPA generation process


Refinement of Best Practice Checks for NGFW’s Managed by Panorama

For a BPA generated from a NGFW managed by a Panorama the checks under Dynamic Updates will no longer fail. Instead it will be marked as “Note” since these can be configured at the Panorama level.


New Features

New Best Practice Check for ‘Dynamic Filtering’ in ‘URL Filtering Profiles’

Under Objects > Security Profiles > URL Filtering, any Engine under the Dynamic Classification tab of a URL Filtering Profile must be set to “Block” in order to pass the Best Practice Check “URL Profile ML Action.” Please note that this Best Practice check only applies to PAN-OS versions 10.0 and greater. 





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