BPA Release Notes v5.2

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BPA Release Notes v5.2



'IPSec Crypto Profile Encryption' check update

 When a user selects GCM Encryption algorithm on IPSec crypto profiles as it inherently has Authentication capability too we would not fail if Authentication algorithm is not defined.



Added file size units for Wildfire file types

 Wildfire File size units are added to understand the scope of file that needs sandbox.

Wildfire File Types and its sizesWildfire File Types and its sizes


Update on 'Server Monitoring' BP check

 Under User ID feature we were processing server monitors redundancy under 'server monitoring' section only. Now we also factor User ID agents configured in addition to Server Monitoring section. As far as there are 2 methods of obtaining User ID information as redundancy the check would pass.


New Feature

Added SD-Wan configuration for visibility

We have added SD-Wan configuration objects from Policies, Objects and Network Tabs respectively.


SD-WAN PoliciesSD-WAN PoliciesTraffic Distribution profile under SD-Wan Link ManagementTraffic Distribution profile under SD-Wan Link ManagementSD-WAN Interface ProfilesSD-WAN Interface Profiles




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