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LIVEcommunity's Prisma Access technology page has some new features we're excited to share.LIVEcommunity's Prisma Access technology page has some new features we're excited to share.


Happy Thursday! Today, we wanted to share some new improvements to LIVEcommunity’s Prisma Access technology page


First and foremost, we’ve added Learning Modules to our Customer Journey Guides. Not sure what a Customer Journey Guide is? It’s a simple, curated tutorial that puts all the information needed for a successful set up of Prisma Access at your fingertips. So, in addition to step-by-step processes to help folks navigate each step of setting up their Palo Alto Networks product, there are now 24 — yes, 24! — learning modules for Panorama Managed Prisma Access.





These learning modules are from Beacon, Palo Alto Networks’ online hub for educational resources.


In addition to these new educational resources, the Prisma Access page will soon have a new-and-improved Events section that includes Zoom integration! That means that you can simply view the event, register, and watch the video directly via the Prisma Access events portal. We are very excited to bring you this new feature and can’t wait for you to attend events in the LIVEcommunity.


Check out these new features for yourself on LIVEcommunity’s Prisma Access technology page.


Let us know what you think. Thanks for reading — and for being a valued member of our community.



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