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Since February 2021, Prisma Access Cloud Management allows users to customize and manage security profiles all in one place via profile dashboards. Each security profile has its own dashboard, allowing users to access all profile features and a consolidated view of the profile configuration.


The Prisma Access profile dashboard allows users to centrally manage profile overrides, gain visibility into profile and override usage, as well as access to Palo Alto Network’s threat data (including content releases, the Threat Vault, and PAN-DB) to check coverage and take action. 


The profile dashboard also includes an overview of the Best Practice Assessment (best practice scores, overview of passed and failed checks), inline checks, and a comprehensive view of NIST security controls and CIS security controls. The configuration is continually assessed against Palo Alto Networks’ best practice recommendations, enabling users to take prompt action to improve their security posture.


Here are the key features of security profiles available with Prisma Access Cloud Management:

  • Profile configuration
  • Advanced features 
  • Global settings
  • Release updates
  • Access to threat vault and PAN-DB
  • Central Management for overrides, EDLs, custom signatures, custom URL categories, response pages 
  • Best Practice Assessment overview with detailed view
  • Inline best practices checks


Another key feature is the use of profile groups, i.e. a set of profiles that can be treated as a unit and include one of each profile type. Security rules reference profile groups instead of individual profiles. 






To learn more, please visit Palo Alto Networks' pages on Prisma Access Security Profiles and Security Profiles and Best Practice checks.


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