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The Palo Alto Networks product portfolio consists of multiple highly integrated and automated technologies working in unison to prevent successful cyberattacks.


The Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer (PCNSE) demonstrates that engineers can correctly deploy and configure Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls while leveraging the rest of the platform.


Palo Alto Networks Education Services is pleased to announce an update to our PCNSE certification reflecting the latest PAN-OS version, 11.0, known as Nova. With this update, the certification exam now covers Firewall Management through Panorama in addition to Next-Generation Firewall.




The following topics will be covered in the PCNSE certification:

  • Core Concepts 12%
  • Deploy and Configure Core Components 20%
  • Deploy and Configure Features and Subscriptions 17%
  • Deploy and Configure Firewalls Using Panorama 17%
  • Manage and Operate 16%
  • Troubleshooting 18%


For more detailed information on what is covered in the exam, please refer to the PCNSE Exam Blueprint: 


Prepare for the exam, check out the PCNSE Study Guide: 

Learn more about the PCNSE here:

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