Cloud NGFW for AWS Deployment Guide

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This guide explains how to configure cloud NGFW in  AWS, enabling the users to utilize the benefits of Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall as a service.

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L0 Member

This guide is not sufficient to deploy E2E . we faced lot of challenges and still struggling to resolve the issues. 

L3 Networker

Hello @LavkeshJain,


Greetings from Palo Alto Networks!


Could you please explain the issue and challenges you are facing?

Devanshu Taneja
Product Specialist
Palo Alto Networks

L0 Member

I am deploying a centralized model of Cloud NGFW. I have configured the routes for all the TGW attachments to go to the inspection VPC.


Here are the issues I am encountering:

Global Rulestacks cannot get applied to the firewalls, only the local ones

Traffic cannot get routed out of the Firewall endpoints and to the NAT gateway and Internet Gateway

Limited visibility in the Cloud NGFW to troubleshoot the issue.

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