GlobalProtect Reporting and Security Assurance

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Palo Alto Networks presents another excellent webinar that digs deeper into GlobalProtect, exploring more about the Reporting and Security Assurance features that help you maintain visibility and keep your network secure. 



We are constantly asked for more information about GlobalProtect. This time, David Cumbow has delivered another great webinar that's all about GlobalProtect Reporting and Security Assurance.


In this webinar, David is helped by Aaron McAllister, Derek Bergman, and Ron Hromoko to talk about GlobalProtect Reporting and Security Assurance,. They also spend time answering questions from the video. 


GlobalProtect Reporting and Security Assurance


There was also a Q&A Session that was included at the end of the video. 


Here are the Q&A questions from the webinar:


Q: Will this webinar be recorded?

A: Yes, sir. It will be available on the LIVEcommunity next week as well.


Q: GlobalProtect log not available on Panorama

A: "Hi Gene, the GlobalProtect log should be available in Panorama if both the next-generation firewall and Panorama are running PAN-OS 9.1.x. However, as mentioned, there is no TAC preferred release of 9.1.x yet. Follow up: Got it. 9.0.6 on Panorama but 8.1.3 on firewalls. You can track the TAC recommended release versions here: Customer Resources (sign-in required)


Q: Is there a section of the community that shares reports? And are there any concerns about importing a report from the web, i.e., is there a way for us to confirm that the script provided does not contain malicious code?

A: LIVE answered


Q: Will this capture clientless users as well?

A: LIVE answered


Q: If a customer has Premium Support now, can they use Security Assurance, or they had to purchase Premium Support after November 1, 2019?

A: LIVE answered


Q: Can the email gateway be an Outlook 365 SMTP server?

A: Hey Bruce, looks some customers have been able to get it to work. Here is the live article as reference: Use office 365 as email relay?


Q: Do you need to run 9.0+ code in order to take advantage of Security Assurance?

A: LIVE answered



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