Join Us in Welcoming Our 2022 Cyber Elite Experts!

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Happy National IT Professionals Day! To celebrate, we thought today was the perfect opportunity to announce our new Cyber Elite members for 2022-23.


Palo Alto Networks launched the LIVEcommunity Cyber Elite program in summer 2020 as a way to recognize members from around the globe who demonstrate excellence in their participation and contribution to the community. The result is a small but robust team of super-users who are eager to help, supply solutions, and troubleshoot with their fellow cybersecurity professionals looking for answers in LIVEcommunity. 


The Cyber Elite program has not only been a successful way to celebrate our most engaged and enthusiastic experts, but a path for encouraging interaction, information-sharing, and technical assistance among all LIVEcommunity members. 


This time around, we have two brand-new Cyber Elite experts joining the ranks—plus nine previous members—making a total of 11 amazing folks we’re grateful to have here in LIVEcommunity! 


Please join us in congratulating and welcoming the following new Cyber Elite members:



These two new members are in addition to nine members we’re welcoming back from last year. These Cyber Elite experts have continued to exemplify community values and offer invaluable contributions within LIVEcommunity: 




Thank you to these key members, whose invaluable contributions have been enumerated by the following stats from the past year:


  • 1,135 Likes Received
  • 2,845 Posts Published
  • 460 Accepted Solutions


Our members are the heart and soul of LIVEcommunity, and we’re grateful to have these new Cyber Elite experts onboard! Through the Cyber Elite program  the entire community is the beneficiary of their insightful technical expertise, content, and solutions—all of which help in daily problem-solving and the sharing of knowledge and valuable tips. 


For more details about LIVEcommunity's Cyber Elite program and the expert members who help shape our community, visit the Cyber Elite Program page.


Interested in Becoming a Cyber Elite Member? To begin your Cyber Elite journey, register in LIVEcommunity, share your knowledge and expertise, engage in discussions, provide answers, and help your peers in the community. 


Thanks for being part of LIVEcommunity!


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