New Features Introduced in Prisma Access 4.1

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Prisma Access Release 4.1 is Here!


In case you missed it, Prisma Access 4.1 just hit the scene, and it's loaded with some seriously awesome upgrades! Some of the key feature of this release include:


  • High BW Colo-Connect - Colo-Connect is here to level up your game with Prisma Access, giving you the power to secure your private apps like never before using a cloud interconnect that can provide high-bandwidth service connections:

    • High bandwidth (up to 20-Gbps) throughput per region for private application access
    • Support for Dedicated and Partner interconnects using Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
    • Support for multiple VLAN attachments (up to 20) per interconnect link
    • Redundant connectivity support per region



  • 3rd Party Device-ID - Once you've set up the Third-Party Device-ID using an API in the Cloud Identity Engine, magic happens! You can create a device object and a security policy rule in Prisma Access. What does that mean for you? It means you'll have the power to get crucial insights from third-party IoT visibility solutions through the Cloud Identity Engine. With all that valuable info at your fingertips, you'll be a security superhero, spotting and fixing any device vulnerabilities in no time.

    It's like you're building a dynamic duo - the Cloud Identity Engine and Prisma Access - working hand in hand with third-party IoT sources to give you ultimate device visibility and control. Security gaps won't stand a chance with this dream team on your side!

    3rd Party Device ID3rd Party Device ID


  • Traffic Replication (MU) - Prisma Access, your trusty security guardian, working in real-time to protect your precious data. It's got all the tricks up its sleeve - traffic inspection, threat analysis, and powerful security policies. You can now also enable traffic replication, a nifty feature that uses the Prisma Access cloud to replicate and encrypt traffic data into PCAP files that come in handy for forensic and analytical purposes.

    Traffic Mirroring and PCAP SupportTraffic Mirroring and PCAP Support


  • SafeSearch for PA - Say you run a swanky organization with guest internet services. You want your guests to enjoy the web, but you also want to keep things safe and sound. Prisma Access is your trusty sidekick in this mission!

    With its nifty FQDN-to-IP mapping, you can resolve search engine queries straight to the engine's SafeSearch portal. That means your guests will have a secure browsing experience, free from any potentially inappropriate or offensive stuff. Goodbye, company policy violations!

Want to know more ? Check out all there is to know about this amazing new release in the Prisma Access Administration Guide and the Prisma Access Release Notes.


We would like to hear how you've experienced Prisma Access release 4.1 so far.  Please share your thoughts, comments and questions in the comments section below or on the Prisma Access LIVE Resource page.


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