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Welcome to Magnifier! Magnifier is a cloud service that runs in the Palo Alto Networks Application Framework. It automatically detects and reports on post-intrusion threats by identifying good (normal) behavior on your network, so that it can notice bad (anomalous) behavior.


These are the new features that came out with the Magnifier June 2018 maintenance release :


Latest Magnifier Features About Each Feature
Deprecated Alert
Sandbox Detection is no longer available. The Malware and Riskware alerts provide the information Sandbox Detection provided.
Host Search Bar
You can now search for hosts by hostname, IP address, or MAC address. The search results field allows you to quickly navigate to a host's device details page.
User-ID Association
The user ID of the people known to log into a device is now available. Navigate to the Device Description screen (either by clicking on the host from the top-level Triage page, or by searching for the host using the new Entity Search bar). Under Network Profile, click on User-IDs.
System Alert Notifications
The gear in the upper-right corner of the user interface now indicates if there are system alerts currently raised against Magnifier.
Further, emails regarding existing system alerts can now be sent out once every 24 hours to the email address(es) configured under GearConfigurationSystem Alerts.
Enhanced Status Information Page
To help you optimize your firewall and Pathfinder configuration for best results, Magnifier now provides troubleshooting advice and surfaces status information on the GearStatus page. The status page also enables you to drill down into different functional areas such as ingested logs, Pathfinder, and system configuration.
UI Time Display Configuration
You can now configure the timestamps shown in your Magnifier user interface to use either a 12- or 24-hour clock. You can also set the timezone to be either UTC or your browser's local time. Navigate to this configuration using GearConfigurationUI Time Display.


Make sure to check out our Magnifier page.

Stay uptodate via our Magnifier Release Notes Page.


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