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See what’s new on the VM-Series in Public Cloud resource pages. Read about new bootstrapping videos, reference architecture and deployment guides, and new templates and tools. Learn more about the VM-Series in public cloud resource pages for AWS, Azure, and GCP. Got Questions? Get Answers on Live Community.


Earlier this month, we posted some significant updates to the VM-Series on AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform resource pages. These pages are designed to help you securely migrate your apps and data to the public cloud with materials for users from beginner to advanced levls of experience.


If you haven’t had a chance to explore these resource pages, here’s a link to get you started: Getting Started with VM-Series in the Public Cloud.


Key Highlights of What’s New


  • Bootstrapping “how-to videos” for AWS, Azure and GCP
    A basic how-to video and specific videos for all three cloud environments are now available on all resource pages.

  • Reference Architecture and Deployment Guides
    New and updated reference architectures and deployment guides have been posted covering topics such as Single VPC Protection in AWS, VNET in Azure, or a shared VPC deployment in Google Cloud.

  • New Templates and Tools
    A long list of templates has been posted, including Auto Scaling for Azure (new) and AWS (updated), AWS Transit Gateway, and a number of PAN-OS specific automation tools.

Check out the individual resource pages now:


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