VM-Series now available on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

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Read about the VM-Series now available on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure on LIVE. See more about the Palo Alto Networks VM-Series and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.



We have added Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) as a supported public cloud computing service which is good news to admins looking to protect their cloud deployed databases, ERPs and CRMs.


VM-Series can be deployed to protect internet-facing applications, hybrid cloud deployments and provide east-west security for applications that require meeting strict compliance standards. VM-Series for Oracle Cloud uses the same software we provide for VM-Series on KVM.


North-South Traffic

You can use the VM-Series firewall to secure traffic entering your cloud network from an untrusted source or exiting your cloud network to reach an untrusted source. For either type of traffic, you must configure route table rules in your Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) and Network Address Translation (NAT) policy rules on the firewall.


Inter-VCN Traffic (East-West)

The VM-Series firewall allows you to secure traffic moving within your cloud environment between VCNs. Each subnet must belong to a different VCN because, by default, no route rules are used to enable traffic within a VCN.


You can deploy six flavors on four shapes (minimum, larger is supported up to the VM flavor's maximum vCPUs):


VM-Series Model Minimum OCI Shape
VM-100 and VM-200 VM.Standard2.4
VM-300 and VM-1000-HV VM.Standard2.4
VM-500 VM.Standard2.8
VM-700 VM.Standard2.8


You can deploy the VM-Series firewall on OCI manually through the OCI Console or using a Terraform template. To launch the VM-Series firewall, you must upload the VM-Series firewall base image to OCI and create a custom image.


You can find additional resources and deployment guides below:

Deploy the VM-Series Firewall on OCI

Set up the VM-Series Firewall on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

VM-Series Deployment Guide



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