Cortex XSOAR New Content Packs Release - September 22'

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L5 Sessionator
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New XSOAR Content packs released on Sep '22 


Check Point Dome9 (CloudGuard)

Dome9 integration allows us to easily manage the security and compliance of the public cloud.


Recorded Future ASI

Helps you take risk prioritization to the next level by helping you identify the biggest weaknesses within your attack surface.



Retrieves all Playbook (and Sub-Playbook) Names and Integrations for a provided Playbook Name.


XDR Best Practice Assessment

This content pack includes an incident type, custom fields, layout, and playbook to facilitate an XDR Best Practice Assessment for an existing deployment of Palo Alto Networks.



Contains a minimal webserver and automation that can be used to generate predictable URLs that can be inserted into emails and the responses can be tracked. 


SecneurX Analysis

Fully automated malware dynamic analysis sandboxing.


Carbon Black Common Fields

Carbon Black common fields concentrate all of the mutual content entities for the Carbon Black integrations.


Skyhigh Security SSE

Skyhigh Security is a cloud-based, multi-tenant service that enables Cloud Discovery and Risk Monitoring, Cloud Usage Analytics, and Cloud Access, and Control.



Use the Exterro package to integrate with the Exterro FTK Suite, enabling the playbook automation of incident response workflows upon detection of a possible threat. 


Keeper Secrets Manager

Use Secrets Manager to manage secrets and protect sensitive data through Keeper Vault.



To explore more content packs and test drive use cases from Cortex XSOAR and other contributors visit our Marketplace Site
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