Cortex XSOAR New Content Pack Release - May 2024

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L5 Sessionator
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New Content Packs Release

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Suspicious Domain Hunting

This pack provides all the necessary tools for the Suspicious Domain Hunting use case. It uses the CertStream integration to ingest new SSL certificates and alert for type-squatting.
CVE feed from the National Vulnerability Database.
Integrate with Gem to use alerts as a trigger for Cortex XSOAR’s custom playbooks, and automate response to specific TTPs and scenarios.
Collect network security events from Check Point Infinity NDR for your secured SaaS periodically.
Get up and running with large language models locally.
Use the Zoom Mail integration manage your ZMail.
Exabeam Security Operations Platform.
Exabeam Data Lake provides a highly scalable, cost-effective, and searchable log management system. Data Lake is used for log collection, storage, processing, and presentation.
Integration to retrieve and update cases from the Stellar Cyber platform.
Use xDome to manage assets and alerts.

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