New XSOAR Content Packs Released in Aug ‘21

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L4 Transporter
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Check out our new XSOAR content packs released this month!
For more info on use cases, integrations and related documentation click on the Pack title.


Azure Active Directory Identity and Access
Use Microsoft Graph to query information from Azure Active Directory
FREE  XSOAR Supported


Splunk Prerelease
Run queries on Splunk servers - pre release version.
FREE  XSOAR Supported


VMware Workspace ONE UEM
VMware workspace ONE UEM allows users to search enrolled corporate or employee-owned devices, and provides detailed information about each device
FREE  XSOAR Supported


HYAS Insight

Use the HYAS Insight integration to interactively lookup PassiveDNS, DynamicDNS, WHOIS, Malware Information – either as playbook tasks or through API calls in the War Room.
FREE  Partner Supported


IRONSCALES is a self-learning email security platform, automatically responding to malicious emails.
FREE  Partner Supported


Manage user configuration on FortiAuthenticator.
FREE  Community Contributed


LINE API Integration is used for sending a message to LINE Group.
FREE  Community Contributed


Team Management

This pack contains playbooks and automation scripts to help with the management of team members within an incident.
FREE  Community Contributed

Unisys Stealth
This integration is intended to aid companies in integrating with the Stealth EcoAPI service. Using the included commands, security teams can trigger dynamically isolation of users.
FREE  Community Contributed



Streamline remediation of alerts and incidents. Make quick, automated queries on ThreatFusion to get a risk reputation score.
FREE Partner Supported


Each entry in an array is merged into the existing array if the keyed-value matches.
FREE Community Contributed


Threat Intel
Threat Intel
FREE XSOAR Supported


Integration for the SecurityTrails platform.

FREE Community Contributed

Ansible Alibaba Cloud
Manage and control Alibaba Cloud Compute services.

FREE  XSOAR Supported

Ansible Azure
Manage and control Azure services.

FREE  XSOAR Supported

Ansible Cisco IOS
Manage and control Cisco IOS based network devices.

FREE XSOAR Supported

Ansible Cisco NXOS
Manage and control Cisco NXOS based network devices.

FREE  XSOAR Supported

Ansible Hetzner Cloud
Manage and control Hetzner Cloud services.

FREE XSOAR Supported

Ansible Kubernetes
Manage and control Kubernetes clusters.

FREE XSOAR Supported


Ansible Linux
Manage and control Linux hosts.

FREE  XSOAR Supported

Ansible Microsoft Windows
Manage and control Windows hosts.

FREE XSOAR Supported

Ansible VMware
Manage and control VMware virtualisation hosts.

FREE  XSOAR Supported


CrowdStrike OpenAPI
Use the CrowdStrike OpenAPI integration to interact with CrowdStrike APIs that do not have dedicated integrations in Cortex XSOAR, for example, CrowdStrike FalconX, etc.

FREE  XSOAR Supported


Logsign SIEM
FREE Partner Supported

FREE Partner Supported

FREE Community Contributed

FREE Community Contributed

For more information read XSOAR Content Release notes.   

To explore more content packs and test drive use cases from Cortex XSOAR and other contributors visit our Marketplace Site!


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