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Learn how Prisma Cloud Auto-Defend hosts protect your cloud accounts.


Prisma Cloud Auto-Defend Host lets you automatically discover and deploy Host Defenders on virtual machines/instances in your AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud accounts.




After setting up Auto-defend for hosts, Prisma Cloud automatically discovers and protects unsecured hosts as follows:

  • Discover - Prisma Cloud uses cloud provider APIs to get a list of all VM instances.
  • Identify - Prisma Cloud identifies unprotected instances.
  • Verify - Ensure unprotected resources meet auto-defend prerequisites.
  • Install - Prisma Cloud installs Host Defender on unprotected instances using cloud provider APIs.

Auto-deployment of the defenders on unprotected hosts provides the right level of security protection and allows easier management of the agents required to protect cloud VMs.


To ensure that you’re maximizing your confidence in implementing and managing Prisma Cloud Auto Defend Host in your environment, Palo Alto Networks has developed targeted Auto Defend Host courses that increase your knowledge, skills, and ability to protect your hosts across all major cloud providers.


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