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Check out the recent Digital Learning courses launched this month! From fundamentals to specialized, role-based learning, Palo Alto Networks Education Services is excited to announce offerings on all elements of our technologies.   Firewall Deployment 10.0 and Panorama Deployment 10.0 courses have been updated to 10.0. With the newest features, both Firewall 10.0 and Panorama 10.0 are equipped with the latest and greatest training in Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls.   You asked and we delivered! While Firewall Deployment 10.0 and Panorama Deployment 10.0 were originally designed to be single courses with hours of information, we have now upgraded them to be course collections. Each course collection has been broken down into individual courses and learners can sign up with one registration link to access the entire collection. Dividing our courses and putting them into course collections enables bite-sized learning and encourages self-paced, scheduled training. We understand that our learners consume digital learning in bites and are excited to release the same great technical learning, now with added ease of consumption and convenience of time!   Browse the links below for more course information and registration!   Digital Learning Launches, October 2020 Beacon LevelUp Cortex XSOAR: Threat Intel Management Registration Link Registration Link Firewall Deployment 10.0 Registration Link Registration Link Next-Generation Firewall Setup and Management Connection     Zone Security, Security and NAT Policies     Protection Profiles for Zones and DoS Attacks     App-ID to Block Threats     WildFire Versus Malware     Security Profiles and Security Policies     Device-ID to Block Threats     Security Policies and User-ID for Increased Security     Threat and Traffic Information     Fundamentals of Network Security Registration Link Registration Link Panorama Deployment 10.0 Registration Link Registration Link Panorama Setup and Configuration     Panorama to Manage Next-Generation Firewalls     Panorama Templates and Device Groups     Panorama Log Collector and Log Forwarding     Panorama Management and Administration     Panorama Comprehensive Reporting     Panorama Troubleshooting Techniques     Prisma Access for MSSP: Business Overview and Solution Use Cases Registration Link Registration Link
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