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To streamline and simplify the process of determining storage requirements for Panorama, or the Logging Service, a new LPS utility has been created.  It is a multi-platform app that should help appropriately size Panorama or a Logging Service instance based on live firewall information.     The new LPS Utility can capture data from one, or many firewalls and/or Panorama instances simultaneously.  It was written using a tool called ElectronJS - https://electronjs.org/  ElectronJS builds cross-platform desktop apps using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.  It is an open source project that is maintained by the folks at GitHub.  It is instrumental in minimizing development efforts while providing cross-platform support for MAC, Linux, and Windows.  The App is self-contained and does not require installation.  Just extract the files for your desired platform, and run the App.    Key features: Cross platform – Linux, MAC, and Windows support Automatically calculate total storage needs based off customer retention requirements – calculations are based on our documented best practices and are focused on “detailed logs” which means that the results will represent 60% of the total storage you will need. Please see articles referenced below for additional details.                                   Single or Simultaneous multi firewall/Panorama assessments IP address field accepts CSV input - regex field checking ensures no duplicate entries are possible and only valid IP addresses are used Configurable log size for different use cases Panorama can be used to import FW IP’s  Device IP targets can be imported from CSV Samples can be collected at peak or off peak times over a period of time. Samples are collected every 10 seconds for quantity specified  Live and accurate progress bar CSV exportable results         Please see the following articles for additional details: Panorama Sizing and Design Guide Determine Panorama Log Storage Requirements   The files downloads and additional details are available at this Github site.     
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