Nominated Discussion: Best Guides for New Firewall Deployment

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This article is based on a discussion, Best guides for new Firewall Deployment, posted by @nhussain03. Read on to see the discussion and guidance from @OtakarKlier.


I am deploying a new firewall for a PoC; however, I am having some issues. I have deployed and activated the server on Azure, I am using VM-Series. On the Azure side, there being no restrictions, the server is not able to connect to the internet for updates. 
I must be missing something basic in understanding/setup so any pointers would be great.

If you are looking for a place to start when configuring your new firewall, check out this post to get started: Secure Day-One Configuration Not for the Faint of Heart.





Sounds like a routing/policy issues with the original PAN you deployed. I wouldn't recommend having the management interface internet facing unless you lock it down to source IP's. However you can change the services, so they use a different interface to reaching out and grabbing updates, etc.

If you're adventurous — — it blocks almost everything so be careful.



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