Nominated Discussion: "Show URL-Cloud Status" Returns Nothing

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This Nominated Discussion Article is based on the post "show-url-cloud-status-nothing-returned" by @WilliamD  nd answered by himself after reaching out to TAC. Read on to see the discussion and solution!


I am trying to get a basic url filtering profile setup.


I have cloned the existing default listing

I have applied the clone to my outbound policy


Nothing is being blocked, I can get everywhere!

My troubleshooting has then led me to the 'show url-cloud status' CLI command but this returns nothing, it simply appears to timeout after 20-30 seconds with no output.


My guess is something has fallen over but not sure what my options are other than restarting the device.  Anything I can do without losing connectivity?


This was resolved by TAC in the end.


Some information if anyone else comes by this way in the future.


TAC had me run:

> request content upgrade check


The output was showing the correct release date was installed. 

It didn't however match the date when running 'show system info'


We then restarted the management-server but this didn't fix the issue


Final solution was restarting the device-server process:


> debug software restart process device-server


This restarts communication between data and management plane, some bits of note during this process the following will not work:


  • Config push to dataplane
  • URL filtering request response
  • Dataplane port status changes
  • Other misc. communication with dataplane


After the restart, url-filtering works again and 'show url-cloud status' is responding as it should.

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