Wildfire Email Link Analysis

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Wildfire Email Link Analysis

L1 Bithead


I have a question regarding this new functionnality for PANOS 6.1.0 version.

One of my customer has tested, but he doesn't get an email when a suspicious link in an email is send/received by users.

So I tested on our lab, and I have the same behavior. I use the informations from WildFire Email Alerts: Subscribe or Add Additional Recipients

It seems to detect threat links as informational/low severity for smtp:


Even if the link I used for my test in the email, is known as malware by Wildfire:


And it's blocked when I use this link on my browser:



So, did anyone has successfully applied this functionality and received an email alert?

And which link do you use to test it? Smiley Happy




L7 Applicator

Hello Renan,

Did you verify your wildfire portal that, above mentioned serial number is "checked" for notification.

  1. Login with your credentials at: https://wildfire.paloaltonetworks.com/
  2. Go to Settings > Configure Alerts and search for the firewall serial numbers desired to subscribe to for alerts, and whether the user wises to receive an alert for verdicts resulting as malware or benign.
  3. Once the appropriate check boxes are selected, click on 'Update Notification' to apply changes



Hello Hulk,

I have check and enable notifications from WF portal, and it works.

But from my understanding, when a suspicious link is present in an email, the device is supposed to send an alert message through smtp, right?



L7 Applicator

Hello Renan,

That is a different option to send SYSTEM log messages (for different severity) to an email account.

Reference DOC: How to Configure Email Alerts for System Logs?

Hope this helps.


L5 Sessionator

Hello Renan,

Do you see the wildfire log show as benign or Malware?

Once firewall get the verdict then firewall will send an email alert.


Hari Yadavalli

Hello Renan,

Wildfire email link analysis is no different compared to other file types you have in file blocking profile.

If any email contains a http or https link then firewall will forward that link to wildfire and gets an analysis report.

If the link in email is benign or malware then firewall will send an email report.


Hari Yadavalli

Hello Hari,

Yes, I do not see the Wildfire submission in the WF logs, neither in the portal for this activity.

Other WF threats are correctly send.

Maybe a missconfiguration?

I have just followed the KB: WildFire Email Alerts: Subscribe or Add Additional Recipients

@Hulk: I have tried, but not receiving email.



Hi Renan,

Hari is right, firewall is supposed to get logs. After that it forwards it to Email.

Now first thing is why firewall is not generating wildfire logs. Did you configure file blocking profile with "forward" or "Continue-forward".


Hardik Shah

L7 Applicator

Hello Renan,

You may need to check your firewall configuration once more. Smiley Happy

- Need to check the wildfire action, data-filtering profile, security rule where it should be apply.

A KB document for your reference: How to Configure WildFire

FYI: WildFire CLI commands

Once the basic configuration is complete, the following commands provide the details of the best server selected. To test the Connectivity, follow the steps below:

> test wildfire registration

This test may take a few minutes to finish. Do you want to continue? (y or n)

Test wildfire

        wildfire registration:        successful

        download server list:        successful

        select the best server:      va-s1.wildfire.paloaltonetworks.com

Initial registration can only be done on the active unit in an Active/Passive cluster.

Note: Do not use PING to test connectivity to the server. Ping requests are disabled on the WildFire server. Best practice to test connectivity is to Telnet to the server on port 443.

To verify, if any files have been forwarded to the server, use the following command:

> show wildfire status

Connection info:

        Wildfire cloud:                default cloud

        Status:                        Idle

        Best server:                  va-s1.wildfire.paloaltonetworks.com

        Device registered:            yes

        Service route IP address:

        Signature verification:        enable

        Server selection:              enable

        Through a proxy:              no

Forwarding info:

        file size limit (MB):                  2

        file idle time out (second):            90

        total file forwarded:                  0

        forwarding rate (per minute):          0

        concurrent files:                      0

The total file forwarded counter will provide the number of files being forwarded to the server.


Hello Renan,

Share the output of below command:

>show wildfire statistics


Hari Yadavalli

Hello Renan,

And also another point to note if we already have the signature in our Virus database firewall won't even forward to wildfire.


Hari Yadavalli


my configuration is fine, other suspect files are send to WF, and on this specific function in the screnshot, you can see that "wildfire-upload-success" is the action.

For other questions:

> show wildfire status

Connection info:

  Wildfire cloud:                public cloud

  Status:                        Idle

  Best server:                   eu-s1.wildfire.paloaltonetworks.com

  Device registered:             yes

  Valid wildfire license:        yes

  Service route IP address:

  Signature verification:        enable

  Server selection:              enable

  Through a proxy:               no

File size limit info:

  pe                                           2 MB

  apk                                         10 MB

  pdf                                        400 KB

  ms-office                                  500 KB

  jar                                          1 MB

  flash                                        5 MB

Forwarding info:

  file idle time out (second):                          90

  total file forwarded:                                647

  file forwarded in last minute:                         0

  concurrent files:                                      0

> show wildfire statistics

Packet based counters:

        Total msg rcvd:                         269318

        Total bytes rcvd:                    224453980

        Total msg read:                         241801

        Total bytes read:                    197836829

        Total msg lost by read:                  27517

        Total DROP_NO_MATCH_FILE                 27517

Total files received from DP: 2155

Counters for file cancellation:

        CANCEL_BY_DP                                31

        CANCEL_TIME_OUT                              4

        CANCEL_FILE_DUP_EARLY                       32

        CANCEL_FILE_DUP                            647

        CANCEL_FILESIZE_LIMIT                       93

        CANCEL_CONCURRENT_LIMIT                     15

Counters for file forwarding:

        file type: apk

                FWD_CNT_LOCAL_FILE                           1

                FWD_CNT_REMOTE_DUP_CLEAN                     1

        file type: pdf

                FWD_CNT_LOCAL_FILE                          64

                FWD_CNT_LOCAL_DUP                           12

                FWD_CNT_REMOTE_FILE                         55

                FWD_CNT_REMOTE_DUP_CLEAN                    13

                FWD_CNT_REMOTE_DUP_TBD                       3

        file type: email-link

                FWD_CNT_LOCAL_FILE                          48

                FWD_CNT_APPENDED_BATCH                      49

        file type: ms-office

                FWD_CNT_LOCAL_FILE                          28

                FWD_CNT_LOCAL_DUP                           22

                FWD_CNT_REMOTE_FILE                         27

                FWD_CNT_REMOTE_DUP_CLEAN                     9

                FWD_CNT_REMOTE_DUP_TBD                      10

        file type: pe

                FWD_CNT_LOCAL_FILE                          46

                FWD_CNT_LOCAL_DUP                           15

                FWD_CNT_LOCAL_FILE_CLEAN                    25

                FWD_CNT_REMOTE_FILE                          3

                FWD_CNT_REMOTE_DUP_CLEAN                    55

                FWD_CNT_CACHE_SYNC                           1

        file type: flash

                FWD_CNT_LOCAL_FILE                        1120

                FWD_CNT_LOCAL_DUP                          598

                FWD_CNT_REMOTE_FILE                        519

                FWD_CNT_REMOTE_DUP_CLEAN                   907

                FWD_CNT_REMOTE_DUP_TBD                      39

                FWD_CNT_REMOTE_DUP_MAL                       9

                FWD_CNT_CACHE_SYNC                           4

        file type: jar

        file type: unknown

        file type: pdns

Error counters:

        FWD_ERR_CONN_FAIL                            4

        LOG_ERR_REPORT_CACHE_NOMATCH            198237

Reset counters:

        DP receiver reset cnt:                       1

        File cache reset cnt:                        1

        Service connection reset cnt:                1

        Log cache reset cnt:                         1

        Report cache reset cnt:                      1

Resource meters:

        data_buf_meter                               0%

        msg_buf_meter                                0%

        ctrl_msg_buf_meter                           0%

File forwarding queues:

        priority: 1,  size: 0

        priority: 2,  size: 0

        priority: 3,  size: 0

@Hardik: The file blocking profile is set to "forward"

@Hari:that's an interesting point, so this is relevant only to unknown applications not seen by WildFire?

Because what I have understood, and also my customer, is for every suspect application, we will get an email alert from device with this.



Hi Renan,

By defualt benign files are not logged. You have to enable it by following command. May be files are benign and not malicious.

> configure

# set deviceconfig setting wildfire report-benign-file yes

# commit


Hardik Shah

Hello Renan,

My apologies, I stand corrected.

For any http or https links in an email body firewall does not check virus database because firewall cannot hash links and so it has to send any links to wildfire and should get a report.

Once the firewall receives a report then you will receive wildfire report via email.


Hari Yadavalli

L3 Networker

Hello Renan

Could you please run the below command and check for the "Wildfire logs written"

>  debug log-receiver statistics

Now try to download an exe file . You can use the link " http://wildfire.paloaltonetworks.com/publicapi/test/pe"

Check if the counter increases. This will let us know if the counter will indicate if the wildfire logs are written.

Restart var-data receiver, management server and device server one at a time to see if it fixes the issue

> debug software restart vardata-receiver

>debug software restart management-server

> debug software restart device-server

If this does not resolve the issue please turn ON the debug for the the following daemon

> debug vardata-receiver on debug

> debug device-server on debug

>debug log-receiver on debug

Run the test again and turn off the above debugs. Then download a tech support file and contact TAC for further assistance.



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