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A Palo Alto Networks Engineer, Susmitha, shared some details about her experience using the Migration Tool.

Could you tell us about a recent experience using the Migration Tool 3.0?

I did a Checkpoint migration recently for a customer, and the Migration Tool 3.0 made the job much easier.

How did the tool make the migration process easier?

I was able to load the config into the tool, and make several changes per the customer's requirements. The NATs were migrated correctly, without any issues. I was able to connect the customer's Panorama and push API calls through the tool.

You have used previous versions of the tool before while working with your customers. What do you like about the new and improved Migration Tool?

There are lot of cool new features included in the Migration Tool 3.0, such as a feature to fix the address groups with more than 500 address objects, merging configs, multi-edit, and the ability to merge several configs into one, to name a few.

Do you have any tips or recommendations for others using the tool?

An important thing to remember is to upgrade the tool before you use it. There are several changes being made and the updates are pushed very frequently.


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L1 Bithead

Where is the repositiry for the offline updates?

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