March 2022 Rewind: Here's What You Missed on LIVEcommunity

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Welcome to our March 2022 Rewind, where we review some of LIVEcommunity’s biggest headlines from the past month! The seasonal transition toward warmer and longer days has certainly been a time of big change within cybersecurity as well. Check out the highlights below—you won’t want to miss them. 


Palo Alto Networks Announces Cloud NGFW for AWS


The new Cloud NGFW for AWS Help Center on LIVEcommunityThe new Cloud NGFW for AWS Help Center on LIVEcommunity


On March 30, Palo Alto Networks announced Cloud NGFW along with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Managed by Palo Alto Networks and easily procured in the AWS Marketplace, the service has been designed to easily deliver our best-in-class security protections with AWS simplicity and scale.


Along with the new product, LIVEcommunity of course has a new resource page: Cloud NGFW for AWS. This page is where you will find FAQs, videos, technical resources, discussions, blogs, and articles related to the deployment and use of Cloud NGFW for AWS. Check it out now!


Russia-Ukraine Risk Mitigation Resources


If you’ve been concerned about potential threats as a result of Russia-Ukraine cyber activity, you’re not alone. Luckily, Palo Alto Networks—and its formidable Unit 42 Threat Intelligence team—have been tirelessly monitoring developments and communicating with customers about how they can deploy broad security and protection. Check out these resources related to fighting potential Russia-Ukraine cyber activity


New LIVEcommunity Page: AIOps for NGFW


Palo Alto Networks recently introduced AIOps for NGFW, the industry's first domain-centric AIOps solution that redefines the firewall operational experience by interpreting, predicting, and resolving problems before they become business impacting. Find all AIOps-related content on LIVEcommunity's technology page for AIOps for NGFW..


Palo Alto Networks Introduces PAN-OS 10.2


Palo Alto Networks officially released PAN-OS 10.2 earlier in March, which includes new and enhanced cloud-delivered security services and leverages cloud compute for artificial intelligence (AI) in addition to deep learning techniques to secure the modern enterprise. Check out this blog by @kiwi for resources and details, including the new features and bug fixes.


XSIAM: Extended Security Intelligence and Automation Management


It's clear that traditional SIEM solutions are no longer adequate to keep up with the speed and amount of threats that are coming in. Enter XSIAM, a new AI-driven platform that brings threat response times from days or hours to minutes and provides a modern alternative to SIEM. It's designed with only one goal in mind: shortening the time it takes to detect incidents and responding to them. 


Cortex Xpanse Assess Brings Best in Class ASM to SMBs


In late March, Palo Alto Networks announced a new addition to the Cortex Xpanse™ portfolio with Xpanse Assess. With Xpanse Assess, customers can get point-in-time assessments to track, validate and report on external attack surface risks on all internet-connected assets that belong to a small or midsize business.


Closing the Cybersecurity Knowledge Gap


Cyber attacks are a daily occurrence. “During 2021, a cyberattack occurred every 39 seconds. The world experienced a ransomware explosion, which will likely continue its upward trajectory in 2022,” says Danny Lopez, CEO of Glasswall. Certifications ensure your employees retain the expertise you hired them for and have the skills they need to reduce your cybersecurity knowledge gap.


Palo Alto Networks training, education and certifications help reduce the skills gap by keeping an employee’s skills fresh and relevant Find instructor-led training or register for Palo Alto Networks certifications that apply to your products.


LIVEcommunity Celebrates International Women's Day 2022


The LIVEcommunity team celebrated International Women’s Day by highlighting some of the women behind the LIVEcommunity! International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the historical, cultural, and political achievements of women. 

ICYMI: Brand-New Webinars and Videos on LIVEcommunity



Prisma Access: How to Configure SAML Authentication Using Azure

Watch this video to learn a step-by-step process for configuring authentication in Prisma Access using SAML Microsoft Azure.


Prisma Access: How to Setup User ID, Split Tunneling and More

Learn helpful tips for managing Prisma Access including how to setup User-ID, how to setup Split Tunneling, and troubleshooting commonly encountered scenarios


Cortex XDR How-to Video: Agent Profiles and Policies

Learn about Cortex XDR  Endpoint Security Profiles and how to apply Security Profiles to Endpoints in this how-to video.


Cortex XDR How-to Video: Enable EDR For Endpoint Protection

This how-to video covers how to enable EDR on your endpoints using the XDR User interface.


You're now fully briefed on LIVEcommunity's March 2022 highlights!


If this was helpful, be sure to give this blog a thumbs up. See you next month!


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