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Prisma Cloud Compute protects your containerized environment according to the policies you set in Prisma Cloud Console. Watch this demo with RD Singh, Sr. Customer Success Engineer, to learn how to Protect AWS ECS EC2 nodes and Fargate task with Prisma Cloud Compute Defender.
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In December 2022 we released latest capabilities for Prisma Cloud Compute including API Risk Profiling, Enhanced Vulnerability Explorer, App Control for Hosts and Container support for Agentless Workload Scanning. We would like to showcase and demo new functionalities.
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Prisma Cloud Compute provides a dynamic admission controller for Kubernetes and OpenShift that is built on the Open Policy Agent (OPA). Watch this demo with RD Singh, Sr. Customer Success Engineer, to learn how to enable dynamic admission controller to intercept admission requests to API Server, and then accept or reject those requests as per admission policy configured in the Prisma Cloud Compute. Note: Prisma Cloud currently does not support Admission Controller for Windows. To read the step-by-step instructions outlined in this video, visit our TechDocs: Access Control: Open Policy Agent
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Many in the security industry have been pondering recently whether “agentless” or “agents” are most effective. The answer is simple: use both for comprehensive security. With that vision in mind, Prisma Cloud is proud to be the first security platform to offer both agent-based and agentless security together from a single solution, giving you and your teams the flexibility and choice to deploy or activate the right method of protection in a mixed environment. As a part of Prisma Cloud 3.0 launch, we announced the introduction of agentless security in addition to already available agent-based security to provide comprehensive security coverage.   Come learns what the new V2 release brings in this webinar
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