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  Discuss the new Network Investigate Graph and how it simplifies and enhances investigation.  
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  The latest CSPM capabilities we have released are Near Real Time Ingestion, IBM CSPM Support, and Accelerated Visibility into Azure Cloud Native Services. We welcome you to join us as we showcase and demo these new functionalities.
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October 2022 - Monthly Product Management Office Hours - Cloud Code Security     Open source is core to how modern applications are built. Between infrastructure as code and package dependencies, well over half of the average code base is open source. Identifying and remediating vulnerabilities and misconfigurations throughout the development lifecycle is the easiest way to secure a majority of attack vectors for an application. Join Taylor Smith, who shares Prisma Cloud’s advanced software composition analysis and infrastructure as code security capabilities. Come see what’s new with newly supported frameworks and package managers, secrets detection, SBOMs, software supply chain security, and more.
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